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The Wedding!

20 Dec

I know I should have been gathering my thoughts on this post during the 20 hours of driving that we just completed, but instead we were all rocking out to everything from Carly Rae to Phillips, Craig, and Dean. Now that we are here and settled at my folks in NJ, I have a few minutes to put those thoughts together. “whoaoaoaa…it’s always a good time!”

Anyway, this post is dedicated to all things wedding, starting with the bridal tea/lingerie shower last Friday. It was at a beautiful old house in MO that was turned into a tea party house. It’s called Anna Marie’s Tea Shop. It was all done up for Christmas and couldn’t have been more cozy. If I was more into tea, I’d stop what I was doing right now and buy a house to turn into a tea party house. (Is there such thing as a chocolate party? THAT I could host.)

I just went to upload a photo of the decor, but all I can find are pictures of food….hmmm. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Oh well, just imagine a gorgeous old house with beautiful wood work and decorated with garland and other Christmas essentials.

Right, the food. Well, of course, they kept our tea cups filled at all times and it was de-lish, but I’m forever a coffee girl. On this three-tiered platter, we had scones, gingerbread bars, salmon sandwiches, sun-dried tomato on rye, cucumber sandwiches,apple pie something-or-others, and truffles, It was so fun!


There was a mixture of ladies from the US, Philippines, Sweden, and Canada – all places that Kylee has lived and made friends. So we got to know each other by getting up and telling stories about Kylee. Then we played a how-well-do-you-know-the-bride game, which the mother and sister won naturally. Following that, we all moved to the sitting room (so fun – so Downton!) for the opening of gifts. It was so fun to see the blushing bride get all of her honeymoon wear!

Here is a picture of the beautiful MOB and me – all tan and blonde, ready to send her baby down the aisle!


Next up on the wedding weekend docket was breakfast with the family of the bride! We ate at a restaurant well known for their awesome breakfast. In fact, this family ran into one George W. Bush during his time in the White House. Pretty cool. This was the only pic I got, description unnecessary.


That evening was the rehearsal dinner. Since the wedding was at a loft in KC, there wasn’t an actual rehearsal, so we just dined at another old house-turned restaurant that was, again, beautifully decorated for Christmas. We had a terrific Kansas comfort food menu, with the spectacular addition of their crab rangoon. So yums!Image

Photography by Bella


Since Mackenzie was in a Christmas program at church on Sunday night, she would have to miss the wedding, so I wanted to make sure that I got a picture of her and the bride!


On Sunday, the wedding wasn’t until 3pm and Deacon and Bella didn’t have to be at the venue until 1, so we were able to go to church. It was a special day because they were unveiling a painting of Josh’s grandparents in the church lobby. They have been very special members of the church for a very long time, and it was so kind and generous of the church to honor them this way. I was so glad we could be there!

After church, I ran Deacon and Bella over to KC to get ready for the wedding. It was in this hip loft called The Berg. The ring bearer (sign bearer?) fit right into the hipness of it all.Image

We hung out with Kylee and her crew in the brides room prior to the ceremony. Instead of flowers, Kylee and her mom made the bouquets out of newspaper!!! I think they turned out so amazing and matched beautifully!Image

I love Bella’s dress! She’s becoming an old pro at being a flower girl.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo!


The wedding was fantastic! Sometimes my camera doesn’t react quite as quickly as it did before Deacon dropped it in the toilet, so I didn’t get great pics of the kids walking down the aisle. Boo. I’m sure the photographer will come through with a great one though!

Deacon carried a sign that said, “Happily ever after begins now.” I love this new tradition of carrying signs!


The funniest moment of the ceremony was the vows. When it was time to recite their own vows, they both pulled out their iPhones. Everyone cracked up.Image

After the ceremony, the kids went outside to take some pictures with the newlyweds. They were freezing, so I hope they were able to pull it together for some good photos!Image

The reception was awesome! Catered by Kansas City’s best, Jack Stack BBQ. Josh was in hog heaven, pun intended. Image


We were at a table with other PI missionary friends that we hadn’t seen for a long time, so we were all pounding that BBQ pretty hard and enjoying the catching up. It was so great!

More Photography by BellaImage


I think Bella has a new crush. Ted is a 20-something teacher who was in our mission in the Philippines. He’s a lot of fun. Bella started the evening sitting next to Josh, but she ended up over by Ted, all flirty with him and calling him “Teddy bear.” What?!Image

Deacon and Bella both got Build-A-Bears for their “prize,” as Deacon called it. They were bride and groom and came with an extra set of clothes. Deacon and Bella love them!Image

And finally, what good is a wedding reception without a photo booth?! Deacon and Bella LOVED it and wanted to keep going back. Fortunately, Josh and I were totally ok with that!

Instead of going the extra mile and scanning the pics, I just took a picture of them with my camera, hence the poor quality.


It was such a fun night that ended too quickly!