About Val

Wow, does this need updating! (But of course, I’m leaving the 5-year-younger picture, obvi).  I’m adding the info that’s changed in red.

I’m the 32  37 year old mama of two sweet little not-so-little girls, Mackenzie and Bella, and two three hunky chunky boys, Deacon and Caleb, and Simeon. I’ve been happily married to a beautiful blue-eyed dream named Josh for 10 15 years! We’ve been missionaries in the Philippines since May ’05. We also have a lovable but obnoxious little dachshund named Mr. Bojangles, who I think may have glaucoma. Little Bo died last year, but now we have a spunky little dachshund named Polly (short for Oligopoly). She is glaucoma-free!


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